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April 28, 2020

A little about the company… A lot about the people.

by Darren Loo

Company, Core Values, Covid-19, General, Trust

It’s been a gruelling and turbulent 40 plus days for us here in Malaysia. Good for some, bad for others. As I read in a shared post recently, we are all in the same storm but very much within our own boats. Everyone has their own difficulty and hardships that not many others will know or understand. Let us not judge. Let us care instead.

I’ve taken this time of the lockdown to work on this site to share a little bit more about our little company that have a very strong focus on her people. The name Zreya in itself is an odd one. With Sanskrit origins, it bears the meaning of trust which also reflects our first core value. In such a cynical world, it’s great to see trust and compassion emerge strongly between people during this pandemic. It is my desire and hope that we are all able to drive this forward and make it part of our culture as a nation and as human beings.

As an excerpt from Seth Godin’s most recent blog states (which you can read here:

“The pandemic demonstrated, among other things, that we all have access to each other digitally. That if you want to learn something, the chance is there. That internet connections can be powerful, and that leadership is priceless.

“We all have this chance now to make things better… By making better things. Let us all take this as a new beginning. To be better, to care, to show compassion and to create great meaningful connections with one another. Stay safe.



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