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In over 20 years

Of fighting counterfeiters and pirates across S.E Asia, Ray has first-hand experience in how innovative and resourceful they can be. Regardless of what measure or innovations that Brands, law enforcement agencies or consultants like Ray come up with, be it security tags, watermarks, secret markings, holograms, unique packaging etc, the counterfeiters always seem to be able to counter just about any new brand protection initiatives.

The new initiatives just never lasted long enough before the counterfeiters uncovered it rendering all the time and investment futile.

“As a member of the anti- counterfeiting community, I have often asked myself the question,

How long am I going to do this?

How many times must I do this?

I have contemplated giving up numerous times. It is exhausting, demoralizing, and frustrating to be playing David in the fight against Goliath all the time. A thin thread of hope kept me in the fight, and I did hope, a dream that if one day would arrive where every consumer can be armed and be made the largest anti-counterfeiting force ever assembled. That will surely change the landscape of anti-counterfeiting that will knock Goliath out.

But it was a dream and remained a dream while I continued struggling in the fight together with my colleagues in law enforcement and partners from the various brands that I represented”

Ray Patrick

(Founder & Executive Director)

Zreya is the successful result of two years of collaboration, investments, trials, and errors between the experts with physical anti-counterfeiting experience along with technology experts.

This unusual union has produced what is probably the most effective solution to date that can finally turn the tide against the counterfeit industry. Advances in technology along with the invent of blockchain has finally given us the ability to verify the authenticity of a particular product or document without the need of an expert authenticator/ reader thus helping Brands, law enforcement and consumers in the fight against counterfeits. Now with just a tap of the smart phone the end customer can authenticate a product or document.

Our Team

Outstanding work team

Ray Patrick Zreya
Ray Patrick

Founder & Chairman

Ray has over 21 years of experience of working with large global and regional brands and providing comprehensive business risk solutions including the strategic management of intellectual property, due diligence and other business intelligence, fraud and corporate investigations, crisis containment and recovery services in South East Asia.

Siva Ganesan

Co-Founder & CEO

Siva is a founding partner and CEO at Zreya, where he is responsible for all aspects of the company business and operations including company strategy and growth. Prior to founding Zreya, Siva spent over 20 years in various Sales, Business Development and Strategy roles across the Asia and Australian region. Siva has experience in developing new markets and expanding business for various SaaS,  & IT service providers in the region.

Siva has a Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of South Australia and a Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Madras. Siva is also an avid sports enthusiast and a self-confessed golf tragic.

Siva Ganesan Zreya
Vishnu Zreya

Co-Founder & CTO

Vishnu has over 17 years of experience in diverse technology management roles. As Chief Technology Officer, Vishnu is responsible for designing and developing the technology behind Zreya. He is a technologist with hands-on experience in conceptualizing, designing, building & launching products. In the past, he has successfully built data-driven solutions that has helped brands increase their revenue.

Vishnu has held multiple senior roles in both product and services organizations in India, US & UK. Vishnu has a Master degree in System-level Integration from the University of Edinburgh and a Bachelor degree in Computer Technology from Bharathiar University in India.

Azizi Ali

Senior Director of Sales

Azizi Ali heads the sales team, with a focus on growing the business in Southeast Asia. Azizi is an accomplished business executive with extensive experience as a former prosecutor and investigator with the enforcement department of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC). His 8 years of experience with MDTCC was built around the areas of copyright law, consumer law, counterfeiting and trade compliance.
In all his years spent fighting counterfeits, Azizi has built an extensive network with the law enforcement agencies in the region and regularly engages in joint and collaboration operations.
Azizi Zreya