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Counterfeit X

This intelligent brand protection tool will prevent malicious attempts to sell fake products under your brand name in marketplaces and websites.

Did you know?

Studies have shown that 1 in every 5 products is a fake. Zreya’s CounterfeitX helps you to combat this problem by protecting your brand reputation.

Our Services

What Counterfeit X Offers

Improve your brand’s sale scope with the assurance that your customers see only authentic products and not buy fake products sold under your brand name.

The AI-based solution is powered by deep learning and machine learning algorithms that help sift out the fakes from legit products and bring you all the data needed to take corrective action against a breach of brand trust and customer loyalty.

A secure web-based cloud platform for brands to utilize this proprietary tool and prevent the menace of fake products sold by unauthorized resellers and rogue retailers. This makes CounterfeitX the only solution you need to emerge victorious in the battle of legit vs. fakes.

How Counterfeit X Works


Helps identify fakes across marketplaces and websites

  • Bot-powered search that scans marketplaces and websites for potential counterfeits
  • Image recognition technology scans photos to identify counterfeits
  • Self-improving detection – AI based deep learning and machine learning continually improves with new rules and keyword opportunities

Initiate action against fakes or review detections and decide

  • Review and decide on take downs based on internal policies
  • Prioritize which potential infringements require your attention

Measure the economic impact of your actions

  • Review the gains from your preventive actions
  • Identify unauthorised sellers and initiate legal action