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May 18, 2020


by Amanda Chong

General, Life Journey, Self Improvement

Things don’t really change… Pine trees remain pine trees. Cats remain cats. And you, remains you. However, Mother nature has equipped us with the ability to evolve, through means such as natural selection and artificial selection.

Photo by <a href="">Emre Gencer</a> from <a href="">StockSnap</a>

Consider corn. It only exists as a result of selective breeding from a wild grain called teosinte, which has very few kernels and very hard shell[1]. Not sure about you but I can’t imagine myself chewing it. Over the years, humans have cross bred it with plants to achieve larger ears and softer kernels – edible corn. It doesn’t stop there. Different species of corn were cross bred to get high yielding sweet corn to suit our palate. It continues to evolve to meet our ever-demanding needs.

Marketing has in general gone through 5 stages of evolution[2]. With better technologies, marketing tools have changed from billboard, radio, TV, computer, smart phones… To adapt, we are putting more emphasis on personal touch instead of mass marketing[3]. This wouldn’t be possible before the emergence of internet, social media, big data. Companies are forced to evolve to remain in the battlefield.

I constantly hear people saying that someone needs to change. Can human really change? Do we really need one[4]? Essentially, we can’t really change ourselves to become another Bill Gates, can we? We are born unique, to achieve great things in different aspects. Just like how corns and marketing are serving their own purposes, we are created to contribute in our own way to make this world a better place. But we need to continue evolving into a better version of ourselves. A little tweak here and there to thrive.

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