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May 4, 2020

Figuring it out.

by Darren Loo

General, Life Journey

How do you get someone to figure out what their real deep passion is? How do you encourage or promote deeper thoughts and reflections within oneself? Barring a life changing event that is.

I’ve read books about it, watched videos and seminars about it, listened to podcasts about it. Most of them tell you about why you should figure it out but not many gives possible ways of how. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because if they do go out on a limb and give ways of doing it, and it doesn’t work for some (which is almost a guarantee), then their reputation will be tarnished. Maybe. I really don’t know but I wish I do know a way of how.

The only one constant I really think is there is the concept of continuous learning. Learning about things you think you’re passionate about. Going deep into a subject. Often times I find that within the first 2 books or courses, you’ll realise that you’re not actually passionate about it but merely interested in the topic for conversation. Something cool to know about but not something that you’ll spend the rest of your life doing. I guess it’s a valid cycle of discovery for each person. Through a process of elimination, hopefully you’ll find something sooner rather than later.

All the more reason to start now.

I really don’t like to see the greater majority of people going through life in more or less the same way (I’m generalising so please don’t hate me for it):

  1. Early 20s – graduate and finding a job. Could be the dream job but most will likely just settle with something to begin with as a stepping stone.
  2. Mid 20s – look around at peers from school/uni and always yearning for the greener grass which usually comes with a perception of more money. Starts the burden of a car that may or may not be taking a good sizeable chunk of take home pay. Begins job hopping for greener grass ($$$).
  3. Late 20s – some would go down the property path for investments or for self ownership. Others will upgrade their rides. Still looking for jobs to hop but opportunities getting slimmer as monetary demands get higher. Possible marriage plans along the way too.
  4. Early 30s – the plateau starts happening. Most will seek stability and assurance of safety. Kids coming, house and car to pay, next eggs to save. A high chance of settling will happen. Giving in to the machinery of industrialism that made us all believe in working for the big company is a great life for everyone. A part of the cog.
  5. Mid 30s – unknowingly becoming a part of the system and explaining to self that it’s ok. It’s a great life with a steady income. It’s best for the kids. The slog begins for the next 20 years. Took 10 years to reach the beginning of a 20 year slog.
  6. Late 30s – probably reaching middle or upper management making decent pay and quite a comfortable life. Also when the “how I wish” thoughts start surfacing. About the life you could have, the business you could have begun, the greener grass. The cynic starts emerging and taking over.
  7. Early 40s until retirement – just going through the days of work and looking forward to the end of the day and weekends. Getting the kids through school and planning for retirement. Climb the corporate ladder and once in a while look for opportunities while worrying about starting all over again in a new company.

These are mostly my observations and not a prophecy of what will happen. I believe we are all mostly positive and happy people until it gets sucked away by the industrial dream. The dream of someone else.

I hope everyone can find yourself, find your dreams, find your passion. Then along the way, figure it all out.



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