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August 4, 2020

Never Stop Striving for Better

by Nur Shahirah

General, Self Improvement

Hello everyone. I’m the new staff here but we haven’t meet yet. Hopefully, I can meet all of you when we all have to come to the office and get along just well.

Today I would like to talk about never stop in striving to be a better person. Many of us had the thoughts of being free after we had graduated and stop there to learn more knowledge. Or relieved after we had married and neglects our spouse when we are tired. Or even feels succeed after we had secured a job and having the thoughts that we are in a better luck than our friends. The question is, what makes us different from our friends, our families, or our colleagues? They have a scroll of degree too, they have spouse too, they had a job too. What makes us different from them? What makes us so sure that we will not lose what we had achieved?

In my opinion, we should never be too comfortable with what we had or achieved. Yes, we should be grateful for the blessings that we had, but never be too comfortable or too sure that it will never loose from our grasp. Always expect the worst case to happen. As a fresh graduate, we should always have something more to offer compared to our friends. Take an extra course or learn new skills will be a big advantage and added values for us to compete with other fresh graduates who might have the same degree and CGPA with us. Understand our passion and abilities is very important in order to know which path we should proceed. By doing this, we can be more marketable from our friends and might get a better job offer.

As a person who already secured a job, it is always good to keep in mind that the job may not last especially if inevitable things happen. In this time, Covid19 pandemic has caused thousands or even millions of people lost their job. The economic recession in 2020 is the worst since the great recession that has happened in 2008. To prepare ourselves in such inevitable case, we should always improve ourselves to be a better worker and a valuable asset to the company so that removing us from the company would be a big loss. One can always improve themselves by acquiring new skills, be a better problem solver and many more. Never stop at a stagnant pace in learning new things and keep improving ourselves. Gain more experience and learn new knowledge.

In a nutshell, we should never stop in striving to be a better person. Acknowledging our own strengths and weaknesses are crucial to improve what’s lacking. It is never wrong to feel blessed with what we already have, but it is dangerous if we think that the blessings last forever. Always strives to be better and keep improving ourselves.



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