Blockchain, NFCs, QR codes

Our Technology

We use a variety of methods backed by blockchain technology to be able to provide an unbreakable encrypted authentication to protect items of high-value and long-lifecycle products. We also have solutions for items of lesser value and shorter lifecycles which use the same principles but at a more cost-effective manner.

How we do it?

  • It is a highly secure digital authentication solution that will prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent refills by placing an NFC chip fitted with a unique encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificate on your items.
  • There are variants of the NFC tag authentication process but the principle is similar. Each tag is encoded with a special key that cannot be seen.
  • That key is used to generate a unique code on each scan which can be added to the standard NDEF data.
  • This means, for example, the unique code can be automatically added to a web address encoded on the tag with each scan.

For items of lesser value and shorter lifecycles, we can provide the similar levels of authentication by placing a QR code either on the packaging or on the product. This enables your customer to:

  • Authenticate your products with the tap of a button on their mobile device
  • Ensure authenticity regardless of where the purchase is made
  • Eradicate counterfeits and increase your brand value
  • Gain complete visibility into your product supply chain and detect grey market diversions
  • Provide confidence for your products in online and secondary markets

Near Field Communication (NFC) & How Does It Work?

NFC – Near Field Communication – technology is quickly gaining prominence in the corporate sector with its ability to enable contactless transactions and offer customer verification.

NFC enables information to be exchanged between two NFC chips – one contained in the NFC smartphone and the other in the item

NFC requires a transmitter (in this case the item) and a receiver (in this case the smartphone)

The transmitter generates a short-range radio frequency of about 4 cm or 1.5 inches

The receiver intercepts this radio frequency and the data contained in it


QR codes are similar to bar codes that currently appear on most consumer products but have the capacity for more data embedded in them. Almost all smartphones come enabled with a QR code reader and is the easiest way for consumers to know more about the product they are purchasing.

Scan QR Code

Point your device at a QR code in order to scan it

Decode QR Code

The QR code is decoded and translated into a URL

View Landing Page

The URL is opened in a browser to display a mobile landing page