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Safeguard X

Unique AI driven and block chain backed anti counterfeit platform to protect your brand by helping eliminate counterfeits of your products

Brand Protection

Unique AI driven and block chain backed anti counterfeit platform to protect your brand by helping eliminate counterfeits of your products.

Zreya enables your customers to be your final frontier against counterfeits by being able to authenticate and validate your products thus protecting your identity and giving complete confidence and information about the products they are buying.

Our platform
features include:

  • An identification and authentication engine that prevents counterfeits
  • A secure web-based cloud platform for brands to manage your products and the associated content information, apply an appropriate tag/code on the product, complete visibility into the various stages of the product as it goes through your supply chain (production to delivery), a direct engagement with your end customers thus providing better customer experience and a AI driven real time analytics tool.

Connect Your Brand To Customers

Manage your products and associated content

Create, import, export and edit products and their associated content. Assign NFC tags/codes for end customers authentication thus providing assurance.

Trace your product through various stages of the supply chain

Get a better understanding of when and how your customers are interacting with your products. Provide product authenticity through our Zreya app which is available for iOS and Android. Identify where counterfeits are detected and take remedial actions.

Gain Visibility into your customer behavior

Optimise content and messaging to better engage with customers encouraging repeat purchases


Zreya ensures the safety of your products by protecting against counterfeits from diluting your brand reputation and provides your customers with assurance and satisfaction of purchasing genuine goods.

Protect your customers & brand with strong authentication

We provide unbreakable encrypted authentication
backed by blockchain to protect your high-value and long-lifecycle products. It is a highly secure digital authentication solution that will prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent refills by placing an NFC chip fitted with a unique encrypted and tamper-proof digital certificate on your items.

Track, Trace and Authenticate





Gray Market Detection

During production, a unique identifier is associated to a destination market. Your customers act as your final authenticators. They scan your product and indicate geographical position. In case of any deviations, exception reports are generated thus enabling your Brand managers to create necessary take down actions

Enhance Customer Experience & Gain Valuable Insights
  • Each interaction gives valuable data in about the customer and their purchase


  • Provide customers with access to exclusive content and sales events


  • Push marketing campaigns through the native app and increase sales