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June 11, 2020

The Blessings – Part 1

by Jonathan Chew

Covid-19, Gratitude, Life Journey

Today marks the 690th day since my adventure began with Zreya. Multiple personal events took place since then that I felt it was worth sharing.

  1. My Vision

Most of us would like to improve our lives, be it skillset, career, lifestyle, or relationship. One of mine is to be glasses-free so that I can enjoy extreme sports without the nuisance of dried contact lenses or worry about losing or damaging the glasses. My prescriptions were about -600 to -700 then. After some research, I decided to opt for photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) because the recovery rate was quicker and not forgetting it was relatively reasonable which cost RM5000+ for both eyes compared to alternative procedures in the market. Despite being afraid of the risk involved, I went ahead with the procedure. My vision improved drastically right after the procedure. Hooray!!! Steroid eye drop was given to be applied for a month as part of the recovery.

As days and weeks go by, rather than having an improved vision, I noticed my vision deteriorated. Of course, I started to freak out. Negative thoughts and fear struck me immensely. I began to ask myself – am I going blind?! Moreover, I was deeply demotivated and questioned my decision to do the PRK procedure, questions like will my eyes get better, and did I just waste RM5000+? It was later discovered that I was part of the 5% of the population who is allergic to steroids (which I did not know I had such allergy). So, the doctor had to prescribe me another medication to counter the effect produced by the steroid. A few weeks went by and it did not get any better. At this point, my freaked-out level just shot up sky high. So, the doctor suggested that I stay away from laptop and handphone, this meant I had to be away from work.

Long story short, I took 2 weeks off from work to rest to see if it heals completely. Thank God the vision started improving after a week of resting.

  1. Pregnancy:

Early 2019, my wife was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs, meaning my wife will have difficulties getting pregnant.

Again, I thought to myself, “Sigh! Another challenging uncertainty I had to go through in my life.” Nonetheless, we did not bother to try harder to have a child because we wanted to focus on strengthening our marriage. With that, we just left it to God to provide when He thinks we are ready.

Exactly a year after our wedding, my wife and I got news that we are expecting – this was just 3 months after my wife was diagnosed with PCOS.

  1. Covid19 | MCO:

Covid19 hit our region hard in March 2020. During this time, my wife was in her final trimester of her pregnancy. I was anxious about the health of my wife and the baby in her womb. With Movement Control Order (MCO) declared by the government, I thought to myself what bad timing this is for us! Thankfully, our jobs enabled us to work from home. During this season, I had the privilege of sharing the same table with my wife as we work from home together throughout the MCO period. Never had I imagined that I would be able to work with my wife peacefully in the same company, what more on the same desk at home?! Instead, this season proved timely and significant for my wife and I as it gave us the opportunity to deepen our relationship by having quality time 24/7 (apart from me heading out to do grocery shopping) before the arrival of our first child.


There are always problems and challenges in every season of our lives, some more, some less, some severe and some minor. Let us take for example, during this pandemic season, some lost their job, some lost their loved ones while some are feasting at home with great home-cooked food and binging on movies in bed.

In every season of my life, I believe that I am blessed as I can breathe, eat well, have a good marriage, a child, a family, true friends, great boss, a job that enables me to provide for my family, great colleagues that are more than just friends and free from glasses & contact lenses.

It takes time to fully appreciate and comprehend the glass is half full rather than half empty. I hope this brings you encouragement.

If you need someone to speak to, feel free to contact me at

That is all for now. Stay tuned for more.



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