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August 5, 2020


by Amanda Chong

Core Values, Trust

I was reading The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek and came across this Chapter – Trusting Teams. It resonates with me and that’s what we value in Zreya. So, let’s talk about trust today.

According to the book, physical safety and psychology safety are 2 different things. As quoted by Simon himself from a member of The United States Navy SEAL (Sea, Air, and Land) team member, “I may trust you with my life but do I trust you with my money or my wife?” To put it simply, I might trust you that you’ll do well in your job, but I might not trust you enough to be vulnerable with you.[1]

To trust requires us to be vulnerable, and to be vulnerable requires us to trust. They go hand in hand. Imagine that you meet a new friend. Either of you has to take risks in showing vulnerability to gain trust. By creating a strong foundation of trust, you feel safe being with each other, then only a relationship will flourish.

Just like family and friends’ relationships, trust is important at work environment. Without trust, fear infests because there’s no one they can trust at work. Fear of saying something wrong, fear of making mistakes etc. This inhibits open communication which is essential to a happy workplace and company growth. Like snowball effect, lack of open communication leads to more guessing and on and on…

It takes time and effort to build trust, or a culture of trust. Trust mindset is needed. In other words, how much do you extend trust to others, and how much gratitude do you feel when others trust you?[2] And of course, thought alone will not create magic. It requires us to walk the talk.

Culture = Value + Behaviour[3]

[1] The Infinite Game – Chapter 7 Trusting Teams (Performance vs. Trust), by Simon Sinek

[2] Why Trust Mindset Matters, by ED Frauenheim and Julian Lute, 1 February 2016.,one%20thing%2C%20mindsets%20are%20powerful.

[3] The Infinite Game – Chapter 7 Trusting Teams (Culture = Value + Behaviour)



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